Tour Organizer

Hi everyone, so blogging's been a very busy activity for me, it's sometimes hard to balance between study, and these two blogs, iluvtours and bookshelf confessions...and so I decided to have a partner or a team to help me with organizing tours. To everyone who's interested, these are the requirements:

1) must have an email account (should check daily when the tour is running)
2) need not be a blogger, but one who would enjoy organizing a tour.
3) must be committed, responsible and diligent.

if you have all of these then please email me, with this subject: Tour Organizer here.

if you're approved, here's what you'll do:

1) prepare the tour schedule
2) will be the contact of the participating bloggers
3) facilitate and make sure the needed post are send to the participating blogs
4) update the linky code
NO NEED to worry about who should make the post, it's either me or the author :D

and here are the benefits for the two (2) chosen organizers
1) a copy of the book/e-book if it's available without responsibility to leave a review.
2) will have a spot on the tour-wide giveaway (twitter/facebook follow, etc.)
3) will be featured on bookshelf confessions and of course on the page here as one of the iluvtours members.


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