What we could do for you?
  • Release Day Promotion.
  •  We're open for ARC (Advanced reader copy) tours, e-book, or print ones.Whether the book is to be publish or already published.
  • I don't price tours. THIS IS FREE SERVICE TO AUTHORS..;D
  • Length:DEPENDS. I usually do a 2-week tour for one book with Bookshelf Confessions, so I guess, this apply in here too... You may request of course.. but to make the tour more efficient for bloggers, I suggest the 2 weeks.
  • Sign-ups: I'll post the sign-up here and on Bookshelf Confessions. I have over 50 blogger contacts who had been hosting tours.
  • There is no need for the author to do anything other than offer review copies, make the guest post we assigned. (we have examples). We do offer Rafflecopter codes for giveaways.

To submit a tour or event request

  • Attach the book cover
  • Include the book’s description
  • Please email to bookshelfconfessions100 at ymail dot com
  • we're currently focus on YA and adult, but still email me, we might consider..:D
Please let us know if you have any questions. Email us.

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